Friday, January 7, 2011

Skis and sensibility

I have never considered myself much of a blogger, yet here I am writing away - for a class, non-the-less.   It's the first week of school and already have started off my semester with a healthy dose of procrastination.  Except for this assignment... I am doing it early....and I am possibly not even in the class.  Priorities?  I should probably get those in line.
Speaking of priorities though, I knew they were a little out of whack when I originally scheduled my classes for the purpose of being able to go skiing more (hence the black diamond reference).   Ya, it was going to be a pretty epic ski semester.   However,  apparently my ten dollars in the bank account was probably not going to get me much skiing; actually it can't even get me to the ski hill in the first place.  So now I am here trying to be responsible and rearranging my schedule to be able to work more.   Shoot.  But do not dismay, I have a little too much of a ski addiction to remove it completely; I have a few ski trips in the next few months to satisfy my craving.  After all, my Christmas present was a set of new skis, and I would just feel so ungrateful if I didn't put them to use.